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 Dunchurch Neighbourhood Development Plan Questionnaire

Link to the Dunchurch Neighbourhood Development Plan – Questionnaire is below, please complete it by Saturday 15th February




Our Parish is creating a Neighbourhood Plan in order to be able to influence development over the next 15 years.  This is important because an approved plan has full weight in planning decisions and gives people who live and work in Dunchurch a voice in planning and development in the Parish.  Without it, we will have less control over any development.  The plan can:

o   Choose where new homes and other developments may be built

o   Influence the type and design of development

o   Identify and protect important local assets and green spaces

o   Help identify the facilities and services essential to our growing community


Are we required to build more houses in Dunchurch?

Our Neighbourhood Plan must comply with the current Rugby Development Plan. Having a Neighbourhood Plan will help ensure that any further development is suitable for Dunchurch and meets its needs.  It will also help to ensure the village remains vibrant and sustainable.


Why do we need a Questionnaire?

Our plan must follow a set process that includes community involvement and consultation to reach a broad consensus, and must comply with government planning policy and the South West Rugby Development Plan.  This questionnaire will help us to gather views and evidence to form the plan.  It asks you what you value, what housing there should be, and how development in general should take place over the next 15 years.


Your replies are confidential and will be independently collated by experts in Stratford-on-Avon District Council who are undertaking the survey on our behalf.  No personal information or responses will be available to anyone, only aggregated data.

Thank you for your help.



Marie Thompson – Chair of Dunchurch Parish Council and on behalf of the NPD Committee


Contact: Clerk: Gill Peacock
Email: clerk@dunchurchpc.org
Dunchurch Community Library
School Street
Rugby, CV22 6PA

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